7 deadly types of relationship challenges (and how to fix them)

5. Sexual problems

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Sexual problems This"This includes a loss of libido or not feeling attracted to your partner like you used to be. This can happen in the best of relationships. You’ve been married a while and you have more responsibilities. Two out of three couples report a decrease in sexual satisfaction after a child is born, according to Gottman.There are many reasons for this. Your body has gone through a lot of changes, sleep deprivation, change in work schedule, and much more. This is the time where you need to schedule sex.I know everyone hates hearing this, but think back to when you were dating. Your goal was to have sex. Treat your relationship like you did when you were courting. Over time you will see a change in libido and attraction.Sometimes, a decrease in libido could mean something more serious, perhaps depression. Make sure to talk to your doctor about it.


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