7 deadly types of relationship challenges (and how to fix them)

6. Perceived lack of concern, care, and attentiveness

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Feeling like the relationship is one-sided. Alright, you decided to stay home while the kids were young. You wanted to be there to see them grow and change. It is you who sacrificed a lot to do this. And you had a thriving career and great friends.Now, he is away at work all day. He has been promoted and works late most of the time. His travel schedule is crazy. This leaves you with all the responsibilities of the house and children, which leaves no time for the relationship or yourself.You are feeling resentful. When you tell your partner you want to talk, he always seems to get out of it. This is when it’s time to prioritize the relationship again. If you don’t, it could end in divorce, which neither of you really want.It’s easy to focus on what your partner is not doing. Try to notice what he is doing and let him know how much you appreciate it. You also have a part in this. A good attitude can help a lot.

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