4 tips to create a unique and healthy relationship

1-Celebrate your couple every day

Did you ever notice that lasting and functional relationships are filled with gratefulness, kindness, open-mindedness, love, intimacy, complicity? When you’re starting a new relationship, everything is wonderful, you are always amazed by your partner, so happy and full of joy. You’re truly interested in who he or she is. What is he or she interested in? As time pass, things can start to fade or change…

So… What to do when that happens?

Always acknowledge all the expectations and judgments you might have developed or taken from your family and friends about your relationship. And please, don’t start to judge your partner! Instead, keep being interested to discover him or her. Keep doing the things that attracted you to each other in the beginning and explore new ones. Don’t stop dating each other because you went into your routine or you’re getting busy with your everyday life. What if you could act like if you just met your partner and it will be the last time you see him or her? What are the things that the two of you enjoy doing together?

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