4 tips to create a unique and healthy relationship

4-Team up! Don’t try to change your partner

Each human being is unique, full of surprises and mysteries. So don’t try to change your partner. First, it won’t work. Second, it will just hurt everybody in the end. Eventually, he or she might think they’re not good enough for you or you might come to think you’re maybe too exigent… What if instead of trying to change what you don’t like you could look and explore everything you like about him or her? What if you could team up together?

And stop expecting them to fulfill what you think you (desperately?) need in a relationship. If you want a relationship that can last, you must acknowledge and accept who and what you are. And start to fulfill your own needs. A relationship is not made to fill the empty spaces in your life or to fix you. A relationship is a wonderful way to create and share a unique journey with another unique being.

That being said, you can still be thoughtful and supportive to each other, but between that and expecting the other to be perfect or to be your rock in all circumstances, there is a difference! 😉

So team up and enjoy everything you can live, create and share together

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