The gift of being different with Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness is a HUGE set of tools that opens you to more consciousness, to more of you and empowers yourself, knowing what you know, to create a life you enjoy living and gift your brilliance to this world! Sounds like the perfect magic wand huh? Forget Harry Potter, put your seatbelt on (or not) or your broomstick to fly, cause we are just getting started!

1- From the outcast jacket to the gift of being different

How many times have you been made wrong for something you did or didn’t do? For who and what you are? For being too much or not enough? For being a weirdo, an outcast, too different? For thinking and living at the edge of the box that everyone likes to call THE reality?

You’re getting bored easily and are going so quickly from one topic to another sometimes even in the middle of a sentence? Do people think you’re too scattered or not enough grounded?

What if you’re just aware of a different way of functioning? What if you’re just so conscious and so fast that you can’t slower yourself enough to think and act in a linear way?

And who the hell says it was not a gift?!

What if all the so-called wrongnesses or weaknesses were actually strongness and potencies?

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