The gift of being different with Access Consciousness

2- How to get started with your gifts?

One the cool things about Access Consciousness if that the tools are very easy to use and you can quickly start to change and switch your mindset and energy from very low (or “pile of shit” level, sorry about the vocabulary) to “Hey, what if it’s also possible for me to enjoy life?”. This opens you to (re)discover your gifts and talents and use them to your advantage.

For example, Access Bars is somehow like a relaxation method that allows you to empty your mind, release tension and open to something new. Some of the benefits of Access Bars sessions are: better quality of sleep, decrease or stop of headaches, increase of efficiency at activities that involve your head in one way or another ;), increase of creativity, and an increase of global wellness…

For that, You lie down on a massage table, and someone is putting fingers on several points on your head and you just receive.

For more active people you also have tools you can use daily to change situations wherever they are happening in your head or on the outside.

How to deal (or not ;)) with thoughts, feelings, and emotions that limits you? How to see possibilities, create opportunities and give a hand to luck to come and play on our side. And all of this Your Way!

This is the invitation of Access Consciousness to you.

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