How to multiply your time

What if everything you’ve learned about time management was wrong? What if it’s possible to “multiply” time? How much are you still struggling to catch up with everything?

Discover Rory Vaden’s tips to play next level with time management and optimization. This Self Discipline Strategist shared how to multiply time on an amazing TEDx conference, and guess what, here are the key points just for you!

1-Time Management Is Not Only Logical

Probably everything you’ve learned about time management is logical: tools, tips, technology, calendars, checklists… And there’s value in that, except it’s actually incomplete.

Today, time management is also EMOTIONAL: fears, guilt, worry, frustration, and anxiety dictate how we spend our time as much as anything that is in our calendar and To-Do lists.

There isn’t real-time management perse as time is passing anyway. But there is self-management. To have more clarity about that, let’s go through some history (that won’t be long, promise!)

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