How to multiply your time

2-The Beginning of Time Management Strategies

Let’s go through some history of time optimization!

Once upon a time was the one-dimensional thinking solution! The whole concept was based on EFFICIENCY with the development of tools, technology, tips and tricks to help people to get a To-Do list done FASTER. The idea was that it will give us more time.

Later in the 80’s, appears the two-dimensional thinking solution: PRIORITIZING, also known as the time management matrix. In that matrix, IMPORTANCE and URGENCY are used to prioritize tasks.

The thing is, with these two solutions, nothing CREATES more time! Even when you’re faster, eventually there will be a moment when you will still be caught up by all the tasks you have to do, especially nowadays! Looks like the Hamster wheel challenge! With prioritizing, you get to borrow time from one task to give it to another: Welcome to the juggling jungle! 😉

Whatever we’ve done until now, Rory points out we can’t solve today’s time management problems with yesterday’s time management thinking…

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