How to multiply your time

4- Focus Funnel: Next Generation Time Management Asset

The Focus Funnel can be used like this. For every task, ask yourself :

  • Can I ELIMINATE this? Is it worth doing it?

Next generation time management has much more to do about what you don’t do than what you do do.

It includes the permission to ignore, with the idea everything you’re saying no to today can create more time for us tomorrow.

  • Can I AUTOMATE the task?

Every task you can create a process for today can save you time for tomorrow. it’s connected to ROTI: Return on time invested.

Automation is to your time exactly what compound interest is to your money, and the way that wealthy people think about money is exactly the same the multipliers think about time. In that case, you allow yourself to invest time and energy to automate processes.

  • Can I DELEGATE? Can I teach someone how to do it?

On this one, Rory has really a funny story that is actually showing very clearly that EVERYTHING can be delegated… 😉

And to all the people that object that they will lose time and no one can’t do it as good as they can, Rory’s advice is to think long term. Give yourself the PERMISSION of IMPERFECT for a little while, because later you will be able to figure it out.

  • If it’s up to ME: Should I do this task NOW or can it wait until LATER?

If you have to do it NOW, nothing new here, concentrate and protect yourself from distraction 😉

If it can be done later: PROCRASTINATE ON PURPOSE. You won’t procrastinate forever 😉 Just that task is ging “back” on top of the funnel until inevitably one day, one of the other 4 strategies will be applied on that task.


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