Great Ways To Travel (Almost) for Free in 2019

7-House Swap or House Sit

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If you like AirBnB, you will enjoy this one. You can swap your house with someone else which will give you a free place to stay. Some website charge an annual membership fee. that’s the case of Home exchange and Homelink. GuestToGuest is totally free if you host guests at your home.

If you don’t want to have strangers at home while you’re away, the other way to go is to do house-sitting. you can do that for your friends or your family next time they’re going on vacation 🙂 With some references, you can sign up on a house-sitting website and expand your travel option (if your family is not scattered everywhere in the world, that will expand your travel options). Again, you will have to pay some membership fees.

Some websites you might want to check :, and

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