You are unique! How to stop screwing yourself over?

Did you ever come to a point where you’re telling yourself: “Ok this has to change now! I will stop screwing myself over. I’m gonna get out of my bed (or couch), I’m gonna take actions and move forward!”

5 minutes, hours, days, months later… All your badass energy dropped again. You’re still in your bed (or couch), with dozens of reasons why it’s not possible, why you can’t, that it’s just what it is and that it’s not so bad after all. Does it ring a bell? Don’t you worry, I might have something for you! 😉

Welcome in the universe of Mel Robbins, a motivational speaker, writer (and so much more! 😉 )

1-Stop living with big bad F*** word!

Getting what you want is simple. But notice I’m not saying it’s easy!

What is it that you want?

Part of the problem is that you won’t pick anything! Because you’re afraid of what you might lose if you’re making the wrong choice… Or whatever other reason you might have.

And guess what, it’s actually a dead end, cause you won’t win or have or create anything if you’re not choosing! So stop over analyzing, pick something and get started. 😉 Like I said, it’s very simple!

Nowadays, whatever you’ll pick, there’s probably someone out there that is already doing it. Which is actually awesome! You can find books, advisers, blogs to help you out with whatever you want to do or achieve. Be it personal or professional!

So now, the question is if there’s so much out there to help you, why is this not working for you?

Stop being Fine!

According to Mel Robbins, the answer is simple and will come from a big bad word of 4 letters: FINE.

Whenever you say you’re fine, you might want to reconsider where is that coming from. Sadly, it can be the greatest way to screw yourself over! And here is why :

The bigger issue when you say you’re fine. Is that you’re saying it TO YOURSELF. It’s areas where you say to yourself “things will never change”. And when you’re convincing yourself you’re “Fine”, you’re basically STOPPING yourself from moving forward and having what you desire. Oops!

And this is not even TRUE.

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