You are unique! How to stop screwing yourself over?

2-Your Uniqueness scientifically proved! 😉

You’re unique! Yeah! You already heard that. I know how it can sound cheesy. Everyone today is using that as a marketing tool.

The truth is, behind this word is actually one of the biggest truth you have to really and totally acknowledge about you. You really are UNIQUE and we have scientific proof of it!! Ahah! Here we go :

Scientists have calculated the odds of you being born. They took into account wars, natural disasters, dinosaurs, etc. 😉

The Odds of You

And… (Drumroll) the Odds of YOU, being born at the period you’re born, with these parents, with that DNA are :

1:400 000 000 000    …   …   …   Yes   …  …   …  Take a deep breath, take your time and take that in!

Sooooo… You’re not just “fine”, you’re FANTASTIC! You are PRECIOUS! You are a GIFT!

You have life-changing ideas for a reason, and it’s not to torture yourself!

All day long you have ideas, that can change the way you feel, change your life, change the world… What do you do with them?

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