You are unique! How to stop screwing yourself over?

4- The”Inner Snooze Button” Hitter

So is there something that stops you from having what you want in life? We all have a tremendous amount of ideas, all day long… But some of us are actually achieving it, some of us don’t…

So what’s the difference? We talked about getting out of our comfort zone and out of our routine. Now, how to do it?

That’s when the ACTIVATION ENERGY kicks in!  It’s the force required to change from what you’re doing on autopilot to do something new, which is often, uncomfortable!

What are most of us doing every time we have an idea? Are we following it? Are we taking action?

Nope! It’s more like when the alarm clock is ringing in the morning: Boop! Hit the snooze! And this is what we are doing about our ideas. Every time we got a new idea coming: Emergency brake mode and Poof! Hit the inner snooze button!

From “what you feel” to “what you do”!

In any area of your life that you want to change, any, there’s one fact that you need to know: it will mostly never be comfortable and you’re never going to feel like it. Never.

It’s very, very simple, to get what you want: you have to force yourself. And if you listen to what you feel when it comes to what you want, you won’t get it, because you will never feel like it.

The Activation energy is actually when you marry an action to an idea. You will come face to face with the physical force that’s required to change your behavior.

And you need to get outside of your comfort zone. And it’s not about taking risks, it’s about getting outside your comfort zone.

Enjoy the flow!

For example, those first three seconds when you push yourself out of the bed, they blow. But once you’re up, it’s great!

Those first three seconds when you just got the idea to take your phone and make a call, to go to talk to that person in a meeting, etc. How many times didn’t you do it after a few seconds and then you just let it go?

These experiences that you had when you had the impulse to do it and then you didn’t do the activation energy required to force yourself, your emergency brake got pulled. “I’m sitting right here, I’m not going to talk to that person I don’t know… I’m not good with talking anyway… What’s the point to do it, I don’t even now that person…”

So… Get Outside! Now! That’s where the magic is! That’s where the one in four hundred trillion exists.

So how to get that activation energy running? How does it work?

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